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Lacanian Ink n° 35 : Wolf Man


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Sigmund Freud’s text on the Wolf Man is constructed in terms of translation. Between the seduction and the dream, we can see the passivity which is first translated as being beaten by the father, and then translated as the wish to be sexually satisfied by his father. In this regard, what Freud calls genitality functions as the giver of significations. Lacan establishes the causality of the signifier upon the signified in order to arrange the father and castration in the ways you already know, namely by means of the Name-of-the-Father and the phallus as signified. There is an opposition between this and the moment when he turns the phallus into a symbolic signifier. Jacques-Alain Miller

Spring 2010


lacanian ink 35
Spring 2010

Jacques-Alain Miller
The Wolf Man I

Alain Badiou
Reducing the Sophist to SIlence

Eric Laurent
The Jouissance Program Is Not Virtual

Gérard Wajcman
The Universal Eye and the Limitless World

Pierre-Giles Guéguen
Freud and the Object of Our Transference

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix
Transcendental Black Metal

Slavoj Zizek
Leave the Screen Empty!

Cathy Lebowitz interviews Josefina Ayerza
Mike Kelley – Carroll Dunham – Olaf Breuning

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printemps 2010 / spring 2010

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