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The political

Lacanian Ink, n° 71
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Lacanian Ink n° 35 : Wolf Man

20.00  12.00 
Sigmund Freud’s text on the Wolf Man is constructed in terms of translation. Between the seduction and the dream, we can see the passivity which is first translated as beingLire la suite ...
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Lacanian Ink n° 39

Spring 2012 Contents: Lacan, The Devil – Annaëlle Lebovits-Quenehen Life of Lacan – Jacques Alain Miller Lacan, Music – Judith Miller, Diego Masson How Lacan – Benoît Jacquot Lacan’s SmileLire la suite ...
A la Une
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Lacanian Ink n° 36 – The Gaze

What Lacan brings up about the Wolf Man in The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis is a change in the very status of the real. For Freud, the real whichLire la suite ...
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Lacanian Ink 34 – Delirium

20.00  16.00 
Left to the vagaries of the Symbolic, interpretation is an endless process of discovering a secret behind a secret. This is why, for Lacan, it is crucial to identify aLire la suite ...

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