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Lacanian Ink 34 – Delirium

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Left to the vagaries of the Symbolic, interpretation is an endless process of discovering a secret behind a secret. This is why, for Lacan, it is crucial to identify a domain this side of hermeneutics which can eventually put a limit to the hermeneutic delirium: psychoanalysis is not hermeneutics, especially not a deep one. It deals with the subject contemporary to the rise of the modern Real which emerges when meaning is evacuated from reality: not only the scientific real accessible in mathematical formulas, but also, from Sartre to Schelling, the proto-ontological abyss of the inertia of mere real deprived of any meaning. For Lacan, there is thus no need for psychoanalytic hermeneutics religion does this job quite well. Slavoj Zizek

October 2009


Josefina Ayerza
To resume again…
Jacques-Alain Miller
The Invention of Delirium
The Divine Details
Alain Badiou
For Today Plato: The Republic
Pierre-Gilles Guéguen
The Extraordinary Case of Jean Genet
François Regnault
Dantesque Passions
Gérard Wajcman
A Dream of Eternity
Slavoj Zizek
Hermeneutic Delirium
Josefina Ayerza
Leonid Sokov, Lux Lindner
Cover Art
Leonid Sokov
Ryan Trecartin, Emory Douglas
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october 2009

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