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The Speaking Body

Scilicet 2016 (English). On the Unconscious in the 21st Century

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« What exactly is a speaking body? What makes a body human is indeed that it is a speaking body. The term « speaking » here is not an adjective that would complete a predefined noun, the body, by adding to it the act of speaking. The common error made by psychology is to think that speech is a cognitive function of the body, an acquired behavior, although it is supported in an innate way within a profound structure of the organism. This is not the case. Neither speech nor language is reducible to cognitive functions, since these functions, considered as organic functions, depend on the already a priori relation of the subject to the signifier, to the structure of language, which precedes him as body and as being that speaks. Hence, a language is not learned, it is transmitted by the experience of jouissance which touches the body of the image. « Speaking » functions also in the expression « the speaking body » as an active participle or present participle, equivalent in some cases to the gerund. This doesn’t mean that a being exists there a priori, to which the property of speaking is added. It means that this being, as Lacan points out several times, is a being only to the extent that he speaks. In the same way, we must also point out that this being is only able to have a body insofar as he speaks, insofar as he is speaking or spoken. »


FOREWORD – Scilicet, The Speaking Body of the wap – Miquel Bassols            15

PRESENTATION – Scilicet of the Speaking Body – Marcus André Vieira            21

ORIENTATION – The Unconscious and the Speaking Body –

Jacques-Alain Miller            27


Amur – Maurizio Mazzotti (slp)            43

Anatomy – Adriana Meza (nel)            46

Androgyny – Luis Fernando Carrijo da Cunha (ebp)            49

Art-gueil – Francisco-Hugo Freda (ecf)            52


Baroque – Patricia Moraga (eol)            55

Beautiful / Ugly – Florencia Fernández Coria Shanahan (nls)            58

Bits of the Real – Paula Kalfus (eol)            61

Body Art – Marisa Morao (eol)            64

Body Image / Imaginary Body – Alfredo Zenoni (ecf)            67


Castration (and Parlêtre) – Corinne Rezki (ecf)            70

Celebrity – Antonella Del Monaco (slp)            73

Child’s Body – Neus Carbonell (elp)            76

Coming Out – Grace Tarpey (nls)            79

Corporisation. The Mystery of the Body that Speaks – Blanca Sánchez (eol)            82

Cosmetics – Gabriela Basz (eol)            85


Dasein (and Copulation) – Manuel Férnandez Blanco (elp)            88

Defence – Maria Arminda Brinco de Freitas (ecf)            91

Delusion – Andrés Borderias (elp)            94

Drive and Speaking Body – Marisa Chamizo (eol)            97

Dupery (Necessary) – Dominique Laurent (ecf)            100


Ego (and the Body) – Cecilia Gasbarro (eol)            103

Ego Ideal / Ideal Ego (and Speaking Being) – Viviana Berger (nel)            105

Enjoying Substance – Laura Arciniegas S. (nel)            109

Escabeau (and Schoenberg) – Carlos Rossi (eol)            112

Escabeau / S.K.beau (and Duchamp) – Hervé Castanet (ecf)            115

Event (and Jouissance of the Body) – Sergio Caretto (slp)            118

Excess – Francis Ratier (ecf)            121

Exhibition / Pornography – Jean-Luc Monnier (ecf)            124


Fantasy (Window – Screen) – Victoria Horne-Reinoso (ecf)            127

Feminine Jouissance and the Woman’s Body – Céline Menghi (slp)            130

Fitness (Taking Care of the Body) – Rosane da Fonte (ebp)            133

Fixation, Repetition, Reiteration – Adrián Scheinkestel (eol)            136

Flesh and Merleau-Ponty – Éric Zuliani (ecf)            139

Formal Envelope – Frank Rollier (ecf)            142

Fragmented Body – Eduardo Suárez (eol)            145

Freudian Unconscious – Marta Serra Frediani (elp)            148


Gaze – Deborah Gutermann-Jacquet (ecf)            151


I Think Therefore It Enjoys (and Descartes) – Yves Vanderveken (nls)            154

Id (and Parlêtre) – José Fernando Veláquez (nel)            157

Ill-Treatments – Oscar Reymundo (ebp)            160

Imaginary – Massimo Termini (slp)            163

Inhibition – Joaquín Caretti Ríos (elp)            166

Interpretation and Body Event – Inés Sotelo (eol)            169

Intimacy – Jorge Assef (eol)            172

Invention and Sinthome – Charles-Henri Crochet (ecf)            175


Jouissance of the Body – Nora Pessoa Gonçalves (ebp)            178

Joyce (Sinthome and Escabeau) – Domenico Cosenza (slp)            181


L’Une-bévue – Henri Kaufmanner (ebp)            184

Lacanian Unconscious – Carlos Augusto Nicéas (ebp)            187

Lalangue – Camilo Ramirez (ecf)            190


Mass Individualism (and Segregation) – Félix Rueda (elp)            193

Masturbation – Darío Galante (eol)            196

Mental (and Debility) – Rosa Elena Manzetti (slp)            199


Name of Jouissance – Danièle Lacadée-Labro (ecf)            202

Narcissism (in the 21st Century) – Adriana Testa (eol)            205

Nudity – Amanda Goya (elp)            208


Obesity – Cristina Drummond (ebp)            211

Objects Outside the Body – Sonia Mankoff (eol)            214

One-Body – Esthela Solano-Suárez (ecf)            217

Oracle – Kuky Mildiner (eol)            220

Organs and Organism – Alain Merlet (ecf)            223

Orgasm – Anne Béraud (nls)            226


Parlêtre (and Unconscious) – Rose-Paule Vinciguerra (ecf)            229

Pass and Escabeau – Jacqueline Dhéret (ecf)            232

Père-versions – Sophie Gayard (ecf)            235

Perversion and Speaking Body – Diana Campolongo (eol)            238

Phallus and Phallic Jouissance – Stella Jimenez (ebp)            241

Pleasure – Elida Ganoza (nel)            244

Pornography – Paola Francesconi (slp)            247

Privacy – Àngel Sanabria (nel)            250

Prohibition / Permission – Ana Ricaurte (nel)            253

Psychosomatics – Maria do Carmo Dias Batista (ebp)            256


Rims of the Body – Ana Simonetti (eol)            259


Segregation of Bodies:  On Pornography – Diana Bergovoy (nls)            262

Selfie – Juan Felipe Arango (nel)            265

Semantic Vacuity (and Hegel) – Carlos Márquez (nel)            268

Semblants (the Failure of) – Patricia Tassara (elp)            271

Sex Toy – Marco Focchi (slp)            274

Sexual Identity – François Ansermet (nls)            277

Sexual Learning – Veronique Voruz (nls)            280

Speaking Body / Parlêtre – Antonio Di Ciaccia (slp)            283

Spectacle – Adriana Laión (eol)            286

Specular Image – Mónica Pelliza (nel)            289

Speech (and Jouissance of Speech) – Réginald Blanchet (nls)            292

Surplus Jouissance – Manuel Montalbán Pereguín (elp)            295

Symptom of Another’s Symptom – Lucia D’Angelo (elp)            298

Symptom of the Parlêtre – Raffaele Calabria (slp)            301


Tattoos / Piercings – Leticia A. Acevedo (eol)            304

Technique (the Empire of) – Luiz Henrique Vidigal (ebp)            307

Transference and Body – Bernard Seynhaeve (ecf)            310

Transparency – Vera Avellar Ribeiro (ebp)            313


Very Last Teaching – Margarita Álvarez (elp)            316

Virtual Image – Ennia Favret (eol)            319

Voyeur – Maria Marciani (eol)            322


Weaker Sex (The)? – Stella Harrison (ecf)            325

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octobre 2015





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