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Hurly – Burly n°12


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The international Lacanian Journal of Psychoanalysis – January 2015

Editorial Victoria Woollard

Jacques Lacan Freud Forever: An Interview with Panorama

NLS Congress 2015, Knottings: Moments of Crisis

  • Gil Caroz, Moments of Crisis
  • Yves Vanderveken, Work in Progress One
  • Éric Laurent, Psychoanalysis and the Post-DSM Crisis
  • Réginald Blanchet, The Politics of Extreme Violence
  • Hadar Porat, Shame and the Lowering of Aesthetic Standards
  • Shlomo Lieber, In Times of War – An Israeli Summer 2014

NLS Congress 2014: What Cannot Be Said

  • Anne Marché Paillé, Nomination of the Subject: From Failure to the Ethics of Consent
  • Agnès Aflalo, The Reason and Wiles of Hamlet’s Desire
  • Lieve Billiet, Desire and Love Beyond Oedipus
  • Luc Vander Vennet, The Question of Desire
  • Gabriela Pazmino, Thomas’ Machines

WAP Congress 2016: The Speaking Body – On the Unconscious in the 21st Century

  • Jacques-Alain Miller, The Unconscious and the Speaking Body
  • Jacques-Alain Miller, Some Reflections on the Psychosomatic Phenomenon
  • Éric Laurent, Melancholia, the Pain of Existence and Moral Cowardice

The Couch

  • Michèle Elbaz, Unfinished
  • Marina Recalde, Responding to a “No”
  • Anna Aromi, A Littoral of Writing

The Letter! The Litter! And the soother the bitther…

  • Nathalie Jaudel, Elisabeth Roudinesco’s Jacques Lacan: A Truthful Novel?

Hypermodern Times

  • Philippe Bouret, Insubordination. An Interview with Charb of Charlie Hebdo

Hypermodern Times

  • Éric Laurent, Racism 2.0 217
  • Gustavo Dessal, The Spark of a Desire Can Transform a Subject, a Community


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