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A Real for the 21th Century

Scilicet 2014

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The World Association of Psychoanalysis addresses crucial themes pertinent to both psychoanalytical practice and the contemporary environment in which this practice takes place.

Since 2006, a publication has served as a point of reference for the preparation of the debate that culminates in the course of its biennial Congress.

In this publication more than a hundred brief articles are grouped alphabetically in the manner of Voltaire’s Philosophical Dictionary.

Written by members of the seven Schools of the WAP, this range of entries opens up a broad yet precise panorama on the theme under examination.

True instrument of work, each Scilicet – the title of the series of these volumes – pursues the orientation of Jacques Lacan, who in 1968 created the journal of the Ecole freudienne de Paris, baptising it with this name.

This title means: “You may know”.

If the cover of the publication conceived by Jacques Lacan in 1968 already advertised that within its pages “You may know what the Ecole freudienne de Paris thinks”, then the volumes of Scilicet edited by the WAP could say “You may know what the World Association of Psychoanalysis thinks about the burning issues of psychoanalysis”.

This is what is at stake in each one of these volumes, the most recent of which the reader now holds in his or her hands.


This volume takes up in a way that is multiple, diverse and singular – just like each one of the authors of these articles – an urgent question:

How to conceive the psychoanalytic practice of our times, that of the 21st century, in a way that faces up to not only the profound crisis of symbolic co-ordinates that we are experiencing but also

the growing agitation and disorder of the real?

The present volume also introduces a substantial difference in relation to the preceding series. For the first time, Scilicet is also being issued in the English language.

In this way, the diverse approaches to the theme of A Real for the 21st Century that you will find in these pages is now within the reach of those English readers eager to know about the transformations of our epoch and the responses that psychoanalysis of the Lacanian orientation is elaborating in order to confront them.

This English edition entails a new wager for the WAP: to make known, beyond the frontiers of the Latin languages, the scope of a psychoanalytical practice that makes the real the guide of its action, as it responds to the changes imposed by our new century.

As always, each one of us, as readers, will ultimately decide whether what is written in these pages resonates sufficiently for us and serves as a novel compass to orient us in our changing world.

Leonardo Gorostiza

President of the WAP



Presentation Leonardo Gorostiza p. 15

Introduction: Knottings Guy Briole p. 17

Orientation: A Real for the 21st Century Jacques-Alain Miller p. 25


Anxiety Marina Recalde (EOL) p. 37

Analytic Treatment Patricia Bosquin-Caroz (ECF) p. 40

Bioethics and Biotechnology Jorge Forbes (EBP) p. 43

Bits of Real Fernando Vitale (EOL) p. 46

Body Event Marta Serra Frediani (ELP) p. 49

Capital, Work, Money Anne Ganivet-Poumellec (ECF) p. 52

Capitalist Discourse (The) Mario Goldenberg (EOL) p. 55

Cause Claudio Godoy (EOL) p. 58

Chance Mercedes de Francisco (ELP) p. 61

Clinic (the Case) Jean-Daniel Matet (ECF) p. 64

Communitarianism Guillermo Belaga (EOL) p. 67

Contemporary Creation Marie-Hélène Roch (ECF) p. 70

Continuous Elisa Alvarenga (EBP) p. 73

Cosmetic / Transformative Surgery Marco Focchi (SLP) p. 76

Crime Francesca Biagi-Chai (ECF) p. 79

Crisis Dimitri Vergetis (NLS) p. 82

Death Drive Rosa Elena Manzetti (SLP) p. 85

Debasement Ana Lúcia Lutterbach Hölck (EBP) p. 88

Deciphering Marie-Hélène Brousse (ECF) p. 91

Defence (Dismantling the) Pierre-Gilles Guéguen (ECF) p. 94

Desire of the Analyst Pierre Naveau (ECF) p. 97

Disorder Laure Naveau (ECF) p. 100

Drug Addiction Jésus Santiago (EBP) p. 103

Encounters of the Real Luisella Brusa (SLP) p. 106

Eugenics Jorge Yunis (EOL) p. 109

Event Bernardino Horne (EBP) p. 112

Excess Isabella Ramaioli (SLP) p. 115

Exclusion Nathalie Jaudel (ECF) p. 118

Existence Angélica Marchesini (EOL) p. 121

Father Fernando Gómez Smith (NEL) p. 124

Finite and Infinite Florencia F. C. Shanahan (NLS) p. 127

Gay Sçavoir Pierre Stréliski (ECF) p. 130

Gaze Marcela Almanza (NEL) p. 133

Geek María Cristina Aguirre (NLS) p. 136

God and the SSK Carmen González Táboas (EOL) p. 139

Henology Gabriela Camaly (EOL) p. 142

Hole Paola Bolgiani (SLP) p. 145

Homoparentality Silvia Ons (EOL) p. 148

Hystorisation Chantal Bonneau (ECF) p. 151

Identifications Miguel Furman (EOL) p. 154

Imaginary Debora Nitzcaner (EOL) p. 157

Impossible Rosalba Zaidel (ELP) p. 160

Institution and Real Daniel Roy (ECF) p. 163

Interpretation / Reading Gil Caroz (NLS) p. 166

Iteration Claudia Iddan (NLS) p. 169

Knot Pierre Skriabine (ECF) p. 172

Knowledge Samuel Basz (EOL) p. 175

Koyré Mercedes Iglesias (NEL) p. 178

Lacanian Biology Jean-Robert Rabanel (ECF) p. 181

Lalangue Pascale Fari (ECF) p. 184

Letter Nora Silvestri (EOL) p. 187

Libido Clara María Holguín (NEL) p. 190

Life Drive Lieve Billiet (NLS) p. 193

Logic Gerardo Arenas (EOL) p. 196

Magic Monique Amirault (ECF) p. 199

Man (The) Ernesto Sinatra (EOL) p. 202

Mathematics Carmelo Licitra Rosa (SLP) p. 205

Mathemes Céline Menghi (SLP) p. 208

Matter Irina Soboleva (NLS) p. 211

Museum (Architecture) Luis Solano (ECF) p. 214

Nature Iordan Gurgel (EBP) p. 217

Number Massimo Termini (SLP) p. 220

Objects of Surplus Jouissance Luis Dario Salamone (EOL) p. 223

Oedipus at Colonus Sonia Chiriaco (ECF) p. 226

Offhandedness Philippe Hellebois (ECF) p. 229

One (Yad’lun) Xavier Esqué (ELP) p. 232

Ontological / Ontic Philippe La Sagna (ECF) p. 235

Outside Meaning Bruno de Halleux (ECF) p. 238

Outside Sex Natalie Wülfing (NLS) p. 241

Parents / Children Félix Rueda (ELP) p. 244

Pass Anne Lysy (ECF) p. 247

Phallus Beatriz Udenio (EOL) p. 250

Politics of the Real Agnès Aflalo (ECF) p. 253

Privation María Elena Lora (NEL) p. 256

Procreation(s) María do Rosário Collier do Rêgo Barros (EBP) p. 259

Progress Jesús Ambel (ELP) p. 262

Prostitution Marcus André Vieira (EBP) p. 265

Queer Romildo do Rêgo Barros (EBP) p. 268

Real Maurizio Mazzotti (SLP) p. 271

Real Unconscious Mauricio Tarrab (EOL) p. 274

Reality Simone Souto (EBP) p. 277

Religion Yannis Dimitrakos (NLS) p. 280

Repetition Hilda Vittar (EOL) p. 283

Risk Gustavo Dessal (ELP) p. 286

Saying / Writing Hélène Bonnaud (ECF) p. 289

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juillet 2014



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